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Satisfyer - Ledgendary Duo

Satisfyer - Ledgendary Duo

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Satisfyer Legendary Duo

Satisfyer Legendary Duo has an impressive restrictive effect on blood flow. Smooth silicone and an elongated, ergonomic clitoral stimulator complete the package. 
Experience double the pleasure and lasting thrills with the Satisfyer Legendary Duo: The cock ring hugs your penis while the larger ball ring tightly holds your testicles – the resulting restriction of blood flow ensures a long-lasting erection and more stamina during lovemaking. At the same time, this vibrating cock ring with ergonomically shaped clitoral stimulator also pleasures your lover with deep, powerful vibrations. The Satisfyer Legendary Duo’s 12 steamy vibration programs can also be controlled very easily and intuitively using the one-touch button on the front.Like all Satisfyer products, the Legendary Duo is also sure to impress with its high-quality, body-friendly materials: Both the ball ring and the cock ring are made from silicone. Shiny silver details on the front also contribute to a particularly luxurious look
Want to take things somewhere a little wetter? No problem. Thanks to its waterproof (IPX7) design, you can also use this vibrating cock ring in the shower or in the bathtub without issue. After use, the product can be easily cleaned with lukewarm water and a little mild soap - you can also use a special cleaner for disinfection. You can use the charging cable provided to quickly give the Satisfyer Legendary Duo a power boost.

Super strong deep vibration     
12 vibration programs
Body-friendly silicone     
USB magnetic charging cable included
Waterproof (IPX7)

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