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CHARGING LED LIGHT MODE: LED lights up white and flashes slowly when it is charging. When the toy is fully charged, the white light stays on but doesn't flash anymore.

LOW BATTERY MODE: The toy indicates the battery capacity is below 10% when the LED lights up red and flashes quickly.

When travelling the TRAVEL LOCK MODE will come in handy in order for the toy not to switch on by itself.
To unlock the TRAVEL LOCK MODE, briefly press 3 times the On/Off button on the toy.

At the same time, the white LED blinks once and the toy vibrates once.
Hold the On/Off button of the toy for 3 seconds.The toy is now on STAND BY MODE.
Short press once to turn the first mode on.
The other way round, to activate the TRAVEL LOCK MODE, make sure the toy is turned off first by pressing for 3 sec on the On/Off button of the toy and then, briefly press 3 times the On/Off button.

This mode is the latency period between switching on the toy and activating the first vibration/flapping mode.
It allows you to get comfortable, position the toy properly and get starting peacefully.

Right after the toy being switched on (long press for 3 seconds the On/Off button of the toy), the STAND BY LED MODE is indicated by 2 vibrations and the white LED blinking quickly.
Then, you only need to briefly press the On/Off button of the toy to start the first vibration/flapping mode.

AUTO-OFF MODE: After 10 minutes without activity the toy switches off by itself.

  • 5 flapping modes
  • Waterproof (IPX7)

  • Rechargeable (USB cable included)
  • Charging time : 1h15
  • Running time : 1h25

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