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Autoblow AI Ultra

Autoblow AI Ultra

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Autoblow AI Ultra

The Autoblow AI Ultra will pleasantly surprise you with its full-shaft gripping stroker and delight you with its state of the art video sync technology. Simple and intuitive to use with just 4 big buttons, enjoying this machine right out of the box couldn’t be easier. If you desire more, your Ultra will move in sync with our own free to access library of content from the hottest amateurs on Pornhub, plus you’ll enjoy free access to downloadable blowjobs, remote control, and more!

Full-Shaft Stroking
This new machine delicately manipulates a stroker and sleeve up and down to bring your sensations to new heights. You can precisely adjust the stroking to your personal preferences or choose from dozens of pre-set blowjob experiences.

Data Driven Using AI
Autoblow AI Ultra was programmed to move like a human, using data from the world’s first (and only) machine learning study of the actions that occur during blowjobs.

Enjoy Complete Control
The Ultra comes with 10 blowjob experiences pre-loaded that stroke you in different ways. Mode 10, the AI blowjob, is different every time. Use the library to access special modes for shorter penises and slower stamina building speeds.

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